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Jun 12, 2019

The Frontline Gaming Podcast Network presents 40k Stats Centre. A no no-nonsense tournament news podcast that covers 40k tournaments from all around the world. Today the "Valcon" takes flight. Tune in for list and event coverage from Australia, Denmark, Canada, the US and everywhere in between, with guest clips and interviews from the TOs and players themselves. 

Pilot episode, take 2, now with our own music!  We apologize for any issues with the interview clips cutting a bit short, we know where the issue lies and it will be gone next week. 

Some of the Tournaments Covered: 

  • Terracon (ITC Major)
  • Slagcon (ITC Major)
  • The Beef and Wing Brawl (ITC Major)
  • And a number of GTs and tournament news from events that happened this weekend. 


Do you want your tournament covered? 

Then head on over to the ITC web page, email Peter over at 40k, sign up your event on BCP or any other public pairings software, or get the word out on your event. There are numerous ways to get your tournament out there. Peter and Val work hard to scour the internet to feature events of all formats and locations. You can make it easier for them by publicly posting lists from your event, making sure your event is well run, and working hard to make sure it is at least a GT sized event (28+ players, 5 or more rounds).