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Jan 13, 2020

Dark Angels winning a Grand Tournament ? How is this possible ? Find out in this special Episode with Down Under Networks Adam Camilleri.  Listen in as Nick Nanavati and John DeMaris help break down this very unique list.  

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Adam Camilleri, Vic Masters

Tallarn Battalion: (-1 cp Emperors Fist)

Tank Commander, Punisher, heavy bolter sponsons, hull heavy bolter-186

Tank Commander, Battle Cannon (RELIC), plasma cannon sponsons, hull lascannon (Warlord, Old Grudges)-204

Infantry squad-40

Infantry squad-40

Infantry squad-40


Ministorum Priest-35

8 Bullgryn, all with mauls, 3 bruteshields, 5 slabshields including bonehead-336

Militarum Tempestus Battalion:

Aradia Medellan-40

Tempestor Prime, command rod-45

10 Tempestus Scions, 4 plasma guns, plasma pistol on sarge-139

10 Tempestus Scions, 4 plasma guns, plasma pistol on sarge-139

5 Tempestus Scions, 2 grenade launchers-51

Dark Angels Battalion: (-1 cp Ravenwing Attack Squadron)

Sammael on Sableclaw-216

Ravenwing Talonmaster (-1 cp Extra Relic, Monster Slayer of Caliban)-188

5 Infiltrators-110

5 Infiltrators-110

5 Scouts with bolters-55

Total: 2000